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Category Archive: VFD Library

Medically Important Antimicrobials in Animal Agriculture

Slide presentation from FDA looks at guidelines for judicious use and which drugs are affected by the VFD.

Guidance for Industry No 233

Common questions and answers regarding veterinary feed directive regulations.

Guidance for Industry #233: Veterinary Feed Directive Common Format Questions and Answers

This document provides examples that illustrate how a common VFD format might appear and how some of the information on the VFD may be pre-populated by an animal health company.

Drugs transitioning from over-the-counter to Veterinary Feed Directive status

A list of drugs that will require a VFD as of January 1, 2017 is provided in this document.

FDA Fact Sheet: Veterinary Feed Directive final rule and next steps

The VFD final rule outlines the process for authorizing use of VFD drugs (animal drugs intended for use in or on animal feed that require the supervision of a licensed veterinarian) and provides...

Veterinary Feed Directive Q&A

Q&A covers questions submitted during a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) webinar sponsored by Zoetis.

Veterinary Feed Directive: Plan for a Successful Transition

Information highlighting the requirements of the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) and how Zoetis is working with the FDA, veterinary associations and the feed industry to help streamline the...

Veterinary Feed Directive, Final Rule

Amendment to FDA's animal drug regulations regarding VFD drugs, which is intended to improve the efficiency of the VFD program while protecting human and animal health.

Guidance for Industry No 120

Small entity compliance guide, and questions and answers regarding veterinary feed directive regulations.

Guidance for Industry No 209

Recommendations for the judicious use of medically important antimicrobial drugs in food-producing animals.
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