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Vet’s license information not required on VFDs

Although veterinary feed directives (VFDs) must be issued by licensed veterinarians, these practitioners are not required to include their license number or issuing state on the VFD form, FDA says in its final VFD rule.[1]

According to the agency, the veterinarian’s name and address is sufficient for FDA to determine licensure status should any questions arise about a VFD’s validity.

“We do not believe [licensing] information provides any additional benefit to determining the licensure status of veterinarians,” FDA says in the final VFD rule.

For veterinarians who fill out hard copies of VFD forms instead of using preprinted or electronic VFD forms, requiring the license number and issuing state would create a time burden, the agency says.






[1] Veterinary Feed Directive. Final Rule. Federal Register/VOL. 80, No. 106/Wednesday, June 3, 2015/Rules and Regulations.





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