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VFD guidelines at a glance

FDA’s new rule on veterinary feed directives (VFDs) will be expanded to include all medically important antibiotics used in food animals as of January 1, 2017.[1] Here are the highlights:

  • Antimicrobial medications that FDA has deemed medically important to humans should be used in food animals only to prevent, control or treat a specific disease or organism.
  • A VDF must be obtained from a licensed veterinarian before using any feeds containing medically important antibiotics; a veterinary prescription is required for medically important water medications.
  • Medically important antibiotics can not be used for performance benefits, such as improved weight gain or feed efficiency.
  • Only those antibiotics not deemed medically important to humans that have approved FDA claims for increased growth rate and improved feed efficiency can be used to optimize performance.
  • Antibiotics not considered medically important to humans may be used without a VFD, though veterinary involvement is still encouraged for all antibiotic decisions.

In-feed medications for swine that already require VFDs — avilamycin, florfenicol and tilmicosin — already adhere to these rules.


For more information on VFDs, click here.




[1] Veterinary Feed Directive. Final Rule. Federal Register/VOL. 80, No. 106/Wednesday, June 3, 2015/Rules and Regulations.


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